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Discussions on the science & philosophy of what it means to be human


What kind of animals are we?

Each episode presents a deep-dive with a leading scholar, exploring topics such as: Is war natural for humans? What can science tell us about happiness? Is friendliness good for our species? Why do we love? Why do we destroy?

Reviews & Testimonials

"Impressive... I have participated in a large number of podcast interviews and this was one of the very best."
Oded Galor, author of "The Journey of Humanity: Origins of Wealth and Inequality"

"Terrific ... Deep and meaningful."
- Patricia Churchland, author of "Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition"

"Unusually well-informed"
- Philip Kitcher, author of "Living With Darwin" and "Moral Progress"

"Beautiful ... I cannot remember when I last had an interview like this, except perhaps with Krista Tippett." 
- Helen Fisher, author of "Why We Love"

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