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31 | Meaning of Life Beyond Space and Time ~ Donald Hoffman

The tension between science and religion is perhaps the greatest tension of our age. Is the world fundamentally made of atoms, quarks, and quantum fields? Or is the material world but a secondary realm, lesser in meaning to the kingdom of God?

There are many iterations of this tension. But there are also bridge-builders; thinkers who want to bridge science and religion — or at the very least, science and spirituality. My guest today is one of them.

Donald Hoffman is a vision scientist, who has come to the dramatic conclusion that space and time are not fundamental. They are, according to him, just parts and parcels of our perception. Therefore objects, molecules, and atoms are not fundamental. Consciousness is.

We explored the scientific case for Hoffman's theory in episode 30. In this 2nd part, we explore its relationship with spirituality.

What if Hoffman is right? Should we live our lives any differently? What is the meaning of life in a world without space or time? Do we find God behind Hoffman's mathematics?

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Names: Albert Einstein, Rupert Spira, Dalai Lama (H.H. the 14th), Joseph Dweck

Terms: Canor's hierarchy, entropy